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We've redesigned the Web3 Wallet from the ground up, with core economic primitives built directly into our Smart Accounts. Elevate your in-game economy from a marketplace to a civilization.
Why use Halliday for Growth?
Grow Your Funnel
Lower the barriers for players to first dip their feet into your game.
Retain Players
Find new ways to engage with your audience and capture recurring revenue.
Build Digital Society
We enable the economic foundations upon which you can build your world.
What we can do for your game
Try Before You Buy
Want to promote an upcoming sale? Let players get a sneak peak of what's to come with limited-time access.
Premium Subscriptions
Capture recurring revenue and give your most loyal members special access to certain features or items.
Buy Now, Pay Later
With a pay-in-4 installment plan, players can start using NFTs right away, then gain full ownership after a few easy payments.
Guild Tools
Empower guild leaders to share items with the rest of their community. Trustless and seamless.
The future of gaming starts here.
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