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Been eyeing that new game but can't afford an avatar? Lock in your price now and pay for it in bite-sized chunks.
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The Halliday button is available directly in game marketplaces. Check out and start using your NFT in seconds.
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Pay with crypto or traditional payment methods like credit cards – whatever's easiest for you.
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How Halliday works
Pick an NFT you like on one of our partner marketplaces, and check out with the Halliday button.
Once we provide funds and the NFT is purchased, ownership is transferred to Halliday, but you can immediately start using it in-game.
Make easy payments over a couple of months to pay for the NFT and become the official owner!
10 lines of code.
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Frequently asked questions
The Halliday button will be directly available in our partner marketplaces. Simply pick an NFT you're interested in, select the Halliday payment option, and follow the steps in the pop-up window to complete your purchase with us!
We offer what's called a repo. A repo is an agreement between two parties (say Alice and Bob) where Alice gives funds to Bob in exchange for an asset, and at a later date, Bob “repurchases” the asset from Alice by paying back the funds.
Our solution is a repo for game and metaverse assets. Once we provide funds and the NFT is purchased, ownership of the NFT is transferred to Halliday. Then after you've paid for the asset to repurchase it, the repo is complete and ownership is transferred to you! And even better, you can use the NFT in-game while we maintain ownership — we split access and ownership rights so that you can start using the item immediately.
We're flexible! We accept USDC, ETH, and wETH, along with traditional payment methods like credit cards.
We understand that things happen, so we try to work with our players to make sure they're on track to own the NFT. If that's not possible, we may have to revoke access rights to the NFT.
If you run into any problems during the payment process, please let us know. We want to provide our players with the best experience possible.
Contact us at to find out! We are currently integrating with new partners and are always excited to add more.
Halliday democratizes access to your game and makes buying NFTs accessible to a much wider base of players.
No, the seller experience does not change. Sellers will continue to receive 100% of the price at time of sale.
Very little! Halliday does all the heavy lifting and builds a custom integration uniquely tailored to your game.
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