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We enable game developers to build their next breakout hit on the blockchain.
Our programmable ERC-4337 Smart Accounts are fully non-custodial, built to scale, and most importantly, designed specifically for games. With seamless onboarding, easy monetization and next-gen growth tooling, developers can fully immerse players in the world they have created, all while leveraging the full potential of the blockchain and offering their game's own UI.
Our team
Backed by a16z and #Hashed, we have partnered with prominent game studios such as DeFi Kingdoms, XPLA Games (by Com2Us), and League of Kingdoms to build a future of gaming that champions player ownership, choice and open access. Our team comes from Stanford, Harvard, and Penn, and has years of experience at the most recognized technology brands in the world, including Meta, Netflix, Samsung and more.
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